PROPS LA Policies

PROPS LA Policies & Contract

About Us

PROPS LA is a private owned prop company that is based in Southern California. Our collection of exquisite life-sized props ranging from various themes and luxurious collection of royal furniture are great for adding a unique touch to any event or occasion. Our collection of unique items is constantly expanding, and we hope to provide our services to you. All items listed on our website are artificial and not real animals, food, or any other items that they are presenting as. 

PROPS LA provides a serviceable experience to our customers. To fulfill that, there are policies outlined by our company that must be met. Listed below are important policies that all customers must comply with our policies in order for us to provide our rental services: 

Delivery & pick-up services: 

PROPS LA is based in Southern California. Delivery and pick up service fees depend on how far the requested delivery location is from our base location. Please contact for delivery rates. 

All orders must be delivered and picked up by our company, no matter how small or big an order is. Customers are not allowed, under any circumstances, to pick up and return any of our items. This ensures that our items are being handled by us at all times and prevents customers from potentially being injured by any of our products or potentially damaging any of our products. We care about the safety of our customers and the quality of our items. Once items are delivered and approved by the customer, PROPS LA is not responsible for any incidents that involve our props. This includes potential injuries involving our props and damages done to our props. 

PROPS LA does not offer 24hr drop offs and pick up service. Our cut-off time for picking up orders is 11:00pm. If a customer wishes to keep our props longer or is unable to allow our props to be picked up before 11:00pm, additional fees may be applied. Plans for an order to be delivered a day before an event or plans for an order to be picked up a day after an event must be discussed in detail with a PROPS LA representative. 

The mission of PROPS LA is to provide our customers with professional and adequate service to the best of our abilities. Proper access accommodations are required for our company to provide such a service. 

The following is a list of our delivery restrictions: 

-No deliveries on boats: Boats/yachts do not provide our delivery team with proper access for an uncomplicated delivery. 

-No standard sized elevators: Most of our inventory consists of large items that require easy access for delivery. Service elevators (or freight elevators) are the only type of elevators that will be accepted for our team to deliver through. 

-No stairways: Flights of stairs are restricted. We will not deliver any of our items through stairways. Please contact us to verify what counts as stairs. 

Stairs pose a serious safety threat to our delivery team. Many of our items are large and heavy. Transporting these items by way of stairs pose many risks that our company will not take.

-Difficult delivery access: Difficult access commonly includes not being able to park near the entrance of a venue/location. This could lead to our deliverers needing to haul our items in further walking distance. Deliveries deemed difficult to make could result in a fee. Please be cautious.

Any of the restrictions mentioned above will not qualify for our services. Thank you for your consideration of our company’s demands. 


We prohibit all customers from making permanent or potentially damaging alterations to any of our items. Examples include but are not limited to gluing and painting our props. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding acceptable alterations to our props. In any event that our items are damaged during a rental, the customer who booked the rental is to be held financially responsible for any damages caused to any of the rented items. However, we will not hold our customers responsible for any damages caused by any natural disasters beyond anyone’s control. Repair fees depend on the amount of damage that is caused. A PROPS LA representative will notify the customer of any damage fees by phone or email.


Our props are for display purposes only and is not meant for any other uses other than that. For the safety of our customers and any guests that will be around any of our rented items, we advise that they are cautious of any potential accidents that could occur involving any of our items. Our company is not responsible for any accidents that is not caused by us, whether our company is on the premises or not. 


We accept: 

  • Cash (only if an initial online payment was made toward an order)
  • Debit 
  • Credit 
  • Zelle

Cancellations & refunds 

PROPS LA has a no refund policy. Cancellations due to issues caused by weather, natural disasters, or any unforeseen events is above our company’s control and cannot bear any responsibility (that also includes issues caused by epidemics and pandemics). All orders that have been paid in full or has at least a 25% deposit made toward an order are non-refundable. However, PROPS LA does offer credit that can be used within 6 months of your original rental date for future orders. Rescheduling your order however does not guarantee that the item(s) that you’ve made a payment or deposit on will be available for your newly requested date. This also applies if a customer would like to change or modify their order. 

If you have any questions regarding our services that was not stated in our policy outline, please contact us before booking a rental, and we would be glad to assist you. By reading and signing our policy outline, you are agreeing to all our conditions. 

PROPS LA would like to thank you for your consideration!